Proximate is defined as ‘direct or immediate,’ ‘very near or next, as in space, time, or order’.

Proximate Combat System is an effective reality-based Self Defence & Fighting System developed by Mr. Rajesh Dadhwal. It is unique in the sense that you are trained both physically and mentally. All threat situations are different. While in some situations you may require to have some degree of physical training, in others all you may ever need is verbal and psychological skills. More dangerous situations require you to have a high level of physical preparedness and greater skill. However, you don’t need a black belt to survive in any threat situation. You just need to know what is ‘Effective.’ To survive in life threatening situations, you have to be proficient in the essential aspects of close quarters combat – not just in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, but also against an attacker with a weapon like knife, rod or a gun. In dire situations like these, a little knowledge and a little skill can save your life.

PCS is very different from other self defence systems. The System helps develop a good nose for smelling threats, equips students with all the knowledge & tools regarding self defence and makes them capable of delivering quick incapacitating blows to the weak points of an attacker’s body. Not a second is wasted on fancy kicks and forms which are the least effective in real threat situations. The system focuses on what works. After all, it’s not about preparing for a film shoot; it’s a matter of life and death. Understanding the psychology of self-defence, sharpening of awareness, knowledge of weak points of the human body, escaping out of chokes and holds, survival in stampede situations, defence against weapons, handgun disarm technique, combining the best from all martial art disciplines, and much more, make this system the best there is.

The system is easy to learn, easy to execute and very, very effective.

The System has been designed to help anyone who has to face the grim realities of living in today’s crime-ridden cities. PCS is for men and women – of all ages and from different walks of life – children, as well as senior citizens; in short, anyone who values the importance of knowing self defence and being able to protect their loved ones.

Corporate Women Self Defence

Get inside a woman’s shoes and you will see how threat can hang above the head 24X7. Threat at work, on the streets, in the public and even at home. Threat can show itself in a variety of ways–from strangers, colleagues tofriends and even relatives (most rape cases are committed by perpetrators known to the girl). She has to face threat all the time, just the situation and people change.

Working & Walking with Respect

This is why, at Trident Tactical Solution, we stress on Awareness; educatingour students about the modus operandi of the perpetrators. There is a strong stresson mental toughness, as much as on physical toughness if not more.

Threat Situation Faced By Family

Training women is much more important in the current scenario as they are not only able to protect themselves, they can contribute to any threat situation faced by their family by becoming a formidable unit with her husband, brother or children for an effective opposition against a threat. A trained mother can also teach self defence to her children. Teach a mother and you teach a whole generation

Training & Providing the Very Best PSOs in the Business

Unemployment and inflation has given rise to a growing breed of criminals that especially target the financially successful businessmen, corporate head honchos, among others. The need of the hour is to know the difference between an ordinary security officer and a professional PSO. We offer PSOs fromthe forces background thatcome with the knowledge and special training to protect you effectively. However, the border situation is different from a civilian threat which involves not only having an understanding of local criminal’s typical modus operandi, but also the threat perception of the client. This is very critical because only then can an effective and appropriate solution can be provides with respect to the officer best suited for that particular job. Which is why, we provide special training to our officer, preparinghimaccording to the special needs of a particular job so that he is able to carry out his job perfectly.

We provide training to our PSOs from time to time to keep them at the peak of fitness and give them the know-how with respect to the latest and the best in the field. In his tenure with the armed forces, Mr.Dadhwal has not only carried out many successful missionsin some of the world’s most insurgent places, he has trained officers at his tenure with SPG (elite force responsible for the protection of India’s Prime Minister). He enjoys a high level of respect among people from the forces and therefore is in touch with many officers. His organization Trident Tactical Solutions has helped big corporate giants hire some of the best PSOs in India, coming from prestigious and elite forces background such as BSF & SPG.

Operational Driving: Driving Business, Literally

With a rise in inflation and growing unemployment, anti-social elements have taken to kidnapping those enjoying sound financial success. Businessmen heads and corporate senior officials are becoming the targets of these criminals. Often the family members, especially children, are targeted for ransom. Trident Tactical Solutions has a specialization in operational driving. The drivers we provide belong to the forces background and therefore possess a very high level of skill and training. The experience becomes important as there are a number of vehicles that have their unique nuances since they come from all over the world. Our training keeps our drivers abreast of the latest and technical knowhow of all the high-end cars, any make, any type.

Our operational drivers are professionally trained and therefore are able to remain calm in a threat situation, they are capable of executing complex maneuvers especially through congested places. Our specialized and comprehensive training is devised keeping in mind the critical nature of the job where a fraction of a secondcan make all the difference. Our drivers from the special forces background are able to bring their special skill to the corporate world. What’s more, a Trained Driver-Trained PSOcombination can effectively operate as a powerful unit at the time of crisis.